Breakfast on the Grill: 4 Camping Breakfast Ideas

Grill food is awesome – why just save it for dinner?

Breakfast on the grill can be awesome too, and dan’t think that it’s just for camping trips. Plan a Sunday backyard brunch, and with one of these “Breakfast on the Grill Recipes”, your family and friends will be asking, “When’s the next breakfast BBQ?”

With the right grill, recipes and equipment, your meals can be not only good, but they can also be easy, healthy, fast and fun. I mean, why cook on the barbecue if it’s going to be a pain in the butt to pre or clean up, right?

BBQ Egg “Muffins”

BBQ Egg "Muffins"
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One of my favorite ideas is using a plain old muffin tin to cook bacon and eggs. Smoke the bacon (or other meat of choice) while you grease your muffin tin. Then wrap the meat inside each cup and crack an egg.

Another option is to make mini scrambles with vegetables like mushrooms, green peppers, broccoli or zucchini. Pour the mixture in each cup, making sure to allow space for the mix to rise without exploding out of the tray.

If you want more of a “muffin”, you can add a few rolled oats to the mix with some milk. This is an easy way to add some complex carbs, fiber and texture to your meal without making more work. recommends cooking them at 350-400 for about 15 minutes, and this recipe works better with a BBQ that has a lid that closes to contain the heat. In my experience, I haven’t had to heat the grill that high, but the more important issue is having even heat.

This simple grilled breakfast is like mini casseroles that are less work to make and take less time to cook. For this reason, it’s perfect for when you’re on the road camping or even a morning tailgater… with a bloody mary. Mmmm.

Muffin trays are compact enough to take on camping trips, and they are also great for backyard barbecues with kids (or adults!). They are easy prep and easy clean up when you grease them first.

No muffin tins? Try using green, red or yellow bell peppers! Cut them in half, clean out the insides and fill each half with an egg. Stick it on the grill, and you can eat the entire thing – no dishes to clean up!

breakfast sandwiche
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Bacon Cakes?

If you have griddle accessory (or a simple pan), you can whip up some plain pancake mix and cook them on the griddle. But wait – add some cooked bacon crumbles to make everyone go nuts. You’ll never have regular pancakes again!

Breakfast Sandwiches!

Another fun idea is to cook small dollar-sized pancakes for making mini sandwiches. The smaller they are in size, the easier it will be to keep them from falling apart. What’s great about this breakfast bbq recipe is that you can please all eaters, while keeping the meal interesting and fun.

Each person can choose their own sandwich “filling” like peanut butter or chocolate chips and sliced bananas, Canadian bacon or sausage, scrambled eggs, strawberries and cream cheese, etc.. You’ll have no problem getting the kids to eat this simple grilled breakfast.

breakfast pizza
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The Breakfast Pizza…one of my Favorite Camping Breakfast Ideas

Yes, this is just what it sounds like, and it is amazing. And you can even cook it on a portable BBQ like the RoadTrip LXE grill. The easiest way to do this is to get a pre-made plain pizza crust, then add scrambled eggs (scramble and cook them first), your favorite omelet toppings and a layer of cheese on top and let it “bake” in the grill.

If you are doing this at home and have a pizza stone, you are in luck. These things are great for cooking pizza on the grill, because you can pre-heat the stone, and it will help evenly-cook your meal (not to mention, it makes a convenient supporting tray for pizzas that are heavy on the toppings…).

I usually allow 10-12 minutes to cook a medium-sized pizza at about 350-400 degrees. Cook time swill depend on your BBQ and your toppings, so you may want to watch more carefully on your first pizza.

Get creative with toppings, and there’s no reason why you can’t add pepperoni, onions and garlic to your breakfast pizza – just ask your friends first. =)


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