RoadTrip Grill LXE Review – How Does it Compare?

RoadTrip Grill LXE Review

The Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE
is great for taking on camping road trips. In addition, it makes a great grill for backyard barbecues as well.

Bring it to tailgaters, pack it for a picnic or use it at any other number of activities. The bottom line is that you can get a lot of use out of a single piece of equipment.

And Don’t Forget About the Wheels…

A feature that many people like is the fact that the RoadTrip folds down into a compact enclosed case on wheels. It kind of looks like a red metal suitcase that you would roll around the airport, except that when you arrive at your gate you could open up your “bag” and start grilling sausages.

But I digress.

Because the grill collapses into a small unit, it doesn’t take up much space in the back of your car when you are on a trip. This is especially important for people with small cars who simply just can’t fit their Weber in the back seat.

More Benefits of Compact Grills

Barb and John Grilling

Small-scale grills don’t take up a lot of space on a deck or patio. In addition, they easily roll from place to place. On top of that, you can fold it up and easily store it conveniently out of the way.

In my experience, if your grill is easy and convenient, you will use it more often. That’s money well spent in my opinion.

The RoadTrip Grill is Tough, but User-Friendly

As with all Coleman products that I’ve owned, this grill is durable and sturdy, yet easy to clean and take care of. For example, the cooking area consists of 2 gas burners, on top of which are cast iron grates with porcelain coating.

It can stand on it’s own at a busy tailgater with lots of beer. In fact, it has 2 detachable side tables that will even hold your beers for you (among other things).

And you don’t have to worry about clean-up. Cleaning the grill plate is easy – some users say that soaking the grates in OxyClean takes stuck-on food right off.

Use Your RoadTrip for a Pancake Block Party

You can also get a griddle (sold separately) to attach to the Roadtrip LXE. This makes cooking pancakes much easier than trying to pour batter over the grate. What better excuse to eat pancakes in the street than to throw a block party with your new Roadtrip LXE?

Just Some Other Stuff…

When upright, this grill stands about 3 feet tall, and when collapsed it measures 36 by 22 by 13 inches. It weighs 60 pounds, has bright red hair, black eyes and a great sense of humor.

Coleman Roadtrip Grill LXE vs Roadtrip LX

A very similar model to the LXE is the LX. They both have the same amount of grill space, they have detachable side tables and they have convenient push-button ignition that hooks up to a propane gas tank (you get the tank separately).

The most apparent differences when you look at the LX version are that (1) it comes in blue and (2) the table legs stand vertical as opposed to cross-crossed. It also weighs about 10 pounds less than the LXE (50 lbs vs 60 lbs).

Another difference is that the grill on this model is made of aluminum, whereas the other is made from cast iron. Both are easy to clean. Choosing one or the other I think comes down to personal preference in color, weight and appearance.


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