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RoadTrip Griddles

Swaptop Griddle Half Plte Fits Coleman RoadTrip 285 and 225 Grills

A nice feature of the Roadtrip grills is that you can get a half-size or a full-size griddle to cook things like pancakes or omelets. You have a lot more cooking options without having to bring a bunch of extra pans.

I like the half size because you can cook your eggs and grill your sausages at the same time – or grilled cheese sandwiches and hamburgers simultaneously. It’s made from the same durable cast iron material with the easy-clean porcelain coating.

Keep in mind that this accessory does not fit all RoadTrip models, so check the details for the grill you have.

If you have more people to cook for, you may want to go for the full griddle option. When you wake up at your campsite in the morning, you may want breakfast to be easy – just whip out the griddle! You can essentially cook everything you’d want for breakfast on it.

It has a non-stick coating for easier cooking and clean up. If you are a healthy eater, you will also dig the grease reservoir.

Grill Tools

GrillArt Grilling Tools for Backyard Barbecues: Fork, Tongs, Spatula and Basting Brush

OK, so you may already have the cooking utensils that you need… but what if you don’t? Or what if you are like me and you want your separate stash of camping gear so that you don’t forget to bring stuff?

GrillArt makes a heavy-duty 4-piece tool kit that includes a set of tongs, spatula, fork and basting brush. In other words, it covers all of your common cooking tasks and makes grilling a lot easier.

Propane Gas Adapter for Grills

Propane Gas Adapter

Let’s say you will be using your barbecue mostly at home, or you have a lot of hungry friends. You may want to hook up to a 20 lb propane tank rather than buying the small 1 pounders all the time. It’s cheaper too.

Well, you can get an adapter with a hose that is 5 feet long, so you can situate your propane tank however you like. And, of course, not have to change your tank so often.

Regulatory Compliance: The Coleman High-Pressure Propane Gas Hose and Adapter, 5 Foot, Type 1 Fitting adheres to safety standards, ensuring compliance with regulations for secure and reliable use.

Leak Prevention: Safeguard against gas leaks by securely connecting the Coleman High-Pressure Propane Gas Hose and Adapter. Regularly check for any hissing sounds or unusual odors. Additionally, this adapter includes safety features to enhance leak prevention.

Ease of Installation: Installing the Coleman High-Pressure Propane Gas Hose and Adapter is user-friendly. Just follow the provided instructions for a straightforward setup.

Impact on Performance: The use of the Coleman High-Pressure Propane Gas Hose and Adapter should have minimal impact on the performance of the Coleman RoadTrip Grill. Ensure a proper and secure installation, and monitor flame control and heat distribution for optimal cooking efficiency. Choosing a reputable adapter like this minimizes potential performance issues.

RoadTrip Grill Cover

RoadTrip Grill Cover

So what if you never plan to take your Roadtrip on a road trip? You love it for what it is and want to use it exclusively in your backyard. You may want to cover it with a durable cover that doesn’t cost too much – but it has to be stylish, of course.

This is a heavy-duty pvc-coated cover that resists fading and cracking (not like the cheap one I originally purchased that fell apart after one season and did not save me any money at all). You can also secure it so it won’t blow away.

RoadTrip Grill Regulator

Coleman Regulator Part

If you need to replace the stove pressure regulator, here’s the part¬†for about $23. Don’t worry, it’s easy to install yourself. Don’t go buy a new stove for goodness sake!

Regulator Compatibility: The Coleman RoadTrip Grill regulator is designed for use specifically with Coleman propane canisters. It is not compatible with other propane sources due to unique fittings.

Propane Consumption: The regulator efficiently manages propane consumption on the Coleman RoadTrip Grill. The grill’s runtime is influenced by factors like flame intensity, but the regulator ensures fuel efficiency during cooking.

Safety Features: The regulator incorporates safety features, including overpressure protection, ensuring secure usage. Clear indicators are provided, allowing users to monitor and maintain a safe cooking environment.

PS. if you want installation or replacement help, use our step-by-step guide here.



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