How to Use a Coleman RoadTrip Grill

New Portable Gas RoadTrip Grill 285 on WheelsBelow, we’ve provided answers to all of the frequently-asked questions about RoadTrip Grills, including set-up, cooking, cleaning and storage. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to use a Coleman RoadTrip Grill, you can find answers here.

1. Which is the Best RoadTrip Grill?

The best Coleman RoadTrip Grill for you depends on how you want to use it. For example, the RoadTrip 285 is the largest model with 3 separate burners and comes with more versatility.

In comparison, the RoadTrip 225 has slightly smaller grill plates (225 square inches vs 285), a cheaper price and 2 burners instead of 3. That said, the cost savings is not that significant.

Portable Propane RoadTrip Tabletop Grill 225The Coleman Tabletop Propane Grill essentially looks like the 225, but without legs. Thus, it has the “tabletop” label. The tabletop version is more compact for traveling light, however, you’ll need a table, bench or truck bed to set it up on.

On the other hand, the Party Grill is ultra compact, and you can carry it around in a small bag. However, this smaller BBQ is meant to cook meals for 1-2 people.

2. How Do You Assemble a Coleman RoadTrip Grill?

How to Set Up, Assemble and Unfold the RoadTrip 285 GrillThe RoadTrip 285 requires some assembly before you can use it. However, it’s quick and easy to put together. Simply attach the wheels to the base, then the tow handle to the stand.

To set up the RoadTrip, lay it flat on the ground, step on the tow handle, grab onto the grill handle and then lift. Then, lock the base of the grill onto the leg extensions and install the drip tray.

3. How Do You Hook Up Propane a RoadTrip Grill?

Screw the gas cylinder into the regulator, which then connects into the grill itself. You can get complete assembly instructions here in the user manual.

4. How Do You Light a Coleman RoadTrip Grill?

How to Light a Coleman RoadTrip Portable GrillRoadTrip Grills feature the convenient InstaStart ignition system, so you don’t need matches or a lighter to start your BBQ. Instead, you simply press the ignition button and turn the gas knob. The burners should instantly turn on. Then, you can adjust the flame height by rotating the gas knob.

5. How Do You Use a RoadTrip Grill?

Use the high flame setting to pre-heat the grill rather than cooking. Medium heat works best for grilling steaks, burgers, chicken, etc.., whereas the low flame works better for cooking roasts.

6. How Do You Clean a Coleman RoadTrip Grill?

The RoadTrip 285 comes with a removable drip tray to minimize the cooking mess and make cleanup easier. You can scrub hot grill plates with a wet cloth – or wait for them to cool and use a mild detergent and scrub brush.

In addition, you can use a wire brush to loosen debris from the burners and interior of the grill. Overall, cleanup is a fairly easy task.

7. How Do You Collapse a Coleman Roadtrip Grill?

RoadTrip Grill CoverTo “dis-assemble” the 285, slightly lift the grill to unhinge the latch. Then, the legs slowly collapse as you lower and fold up the grill.

When completely flat, you can then raise the tow handle and roll your barbecue to your car. You can store your RoadTrip standing up or laid flat. In addition, you can buy a protective cover to keep your grill cleaner.


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