How to Clean a Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Cleaning the Grill

The first step for how to clean a Coleman RoadTrip Grill is mess prevention! Therefore, you want to clean your RoadTrip Grill right after you use it with something like a non-scratch brass grill brush or natural enzyme cleaner.

The longer you wait to start cleaning, the harder it becomes, because food and grease dries and seems to form a crust on the grill.

That said, I know that if you’re on a family camping trip, you have a long day of hiking or a late night of cocktails, you simply may not want to go straight to grill cleaning right after dinner. I get it.

You can also use some “preventative measures” to stop food from sticking and greasy drips getting on the grill itself. See notes below for quick and simple ideas.

Want Some Tips from Coleman Grill Users?

1. Rub oil or spray Pam on the grill prior to cooking. This will not only prevent food from sticking, but it will also make clean up easier.

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2. Some users like to line the bottom drip pan with foil for easier clean up. Other people prefer using just soap, water and a sponge, since cleaning is fairly painless.

3. If you are near a sink or have a tub you can fill with water, wash the grill plates in soapy water after you use them and after they have cooled down. This will help loosen burnt food from the grill.

That said, avoid soaking them in water for a long period, as stated on the Coleman Grill Site. After you wash the grill plates, it’s a good idea to wipe them dry.

You can also try a natural enzyme cleaner for grills for easier clean up without harsh chemicals. Simply spray it on, let it sit and the wipe off. The natural enzymes work on cake on gunk, stains and even odors.

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4. In the case that you are not near a sink and need to wait to clean your grill, don’t worry. Some people have soaked their grill plates in OxyClean to effortlessly remove baked on food without using elbow grease. Yes, that’s right, you can use this stuff for lots more than just laundry.

5. Many people automatically go to the wire brush as the first grill cleanup tool Be careful of this. If you want to use a wire brush to scrub the porcelain-coated grill, make sure that it is brass so that it will not damage the coating.

Heavy Duty Help: How to Clean a Coleman RoadTrip Grill

If you find yourself in a situation where your grill needs some heavy duty cleaning – or you were lucky enough to pick up a used Coleman RoadTrip that needs more of a “restoration” job, you’ll like this video below.

It covers everything from taking the grill apart to cleaning it, painting it, adding protectant and of course putting it back together. I must say, I was pretty impressed by the cleaning job that this guy did – plus, he actually made it look fun.

How to clean a Coleman RoadTrip Grill


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