RoadTrip Party Grill

Coleman RoadTrip Party Grill: Small is the New Big

If you are looking for a barbecue that is super easy to use and small – the RoadTrip Party Grill may be just what you’re looking for. It’s a step up from simply buying a portable gas burner, but it is not much bigger when you dis-mantel it for travel or storage.

I think it’s ideal if you have a picnic table or elevated area where you can place the barbecue and use it like a tabletop grill. That said, I’ve used mine plenty of times sitting right on the ground.

Grill Set-Up Takes 60 Seconds – if That

Just take the equipment out of its bag, insert the legs, screw on the 1 pound propane tank and lay the grill plate on top. Push the ignition switch, and you’re ready to go. I’m not kidding!

A Multi-Purpose Grill?

Of course, you can use it as a burner to make coffee, prepare oatmeal or basically cook anything in a pot or pan. However, with the grill plate that’s included, you can also barbecue ribs, grill burgers or hot dogs or vegetable skewers. And don’t forget, you can also roast marshmallows for s’mores after dinner…

Roadtrip Party Grill

I really like this small barbecue because you can disassemble it and stick it in a carrying satchel when you finish using it. People actually love this for events like tailgaters where you just want to socialize, have fun and then go watch the game.

Just let the grill plate cool, and you can pack everything away in less than 30 seconds. Seriously.

Is Small the New Big?

Some people may not initially like the idea of a small grill. However, this feature can be great for storage or travel.

On the other hand, if want to cook for a large group of people, some will probably go hungry. You’ll want a larger RoadTrip grill.

That said, if you’re cooking small meals for 2 to 3 people, or you’re looking for a small device that you can have on your apartment balcony for personal use, this is a great option. In fact, if you use it at home, just throw the grill plate into the dishwasher when you’re done with it. Clean-up can’t get much easier than that!

My Party Grill…

I’ve had my Party Grill for over 10 years now. Back then, Coleman called it the “Party Grill Combo”. It had a different-looking grill plate, but essentially the grill had the same features and functions.

I still use it all the time, mainly because it is just so darn easy to use. It even comes with a push-button ignition, which means you don’t need a match.


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