Coleman RoadTrip Grill Light

Coleman RoadTrip Grill Light

If you’ve done much grilling, you’ve probably been stuck at some point without light (or maybe a very dim lantern), and you’re trying to make sure the meat is done before you take it off the grill. Not fun.

The Coleman RoadTrip Grill Light is genius because not only does it light up your grill, but it’s compact enough to pack and take with you without feeling like you’ve got extra baggage.

Note: If the Coleman RoadTrip grill light is not available, Fulcrum makes a very similar clip-on lamp for barbecues. It is inexpensive, bright and durable for outdoor use.

Plus, because it is a clip lamp and has a 16″ long bendable arm, it makes a great all-around camping light that you can clip anywhere and easily shine in any direction you want. It’s weather resistant design makes it tough enough to handle the outdoors.

Can You Use the Grill Light at Home?

And, when you’re not camping, you can use it at home. Ever need a light when working under the hood of your car? How about a small reading light when your on the porch at night? No need for an LXE grill!

Even though it’s designed specifically to be used with all Coleman Grills, don’t feel guilty if you use it for other things. The clamp attaches to any surface up to 1 1/4 inches thick.

The Coleman Grill Light Pays for Itself…

Owning a versatile hands-free light comes in handy more times than you might think. It also runs a surprisingly long time too on 3 AAA batteries because it uses a 1-watt LED.



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