Why I Like the Coleman Folding Camping Table

I know what you’re thinking. This Coleman Folding Camping Table is exciting. I man, look at it!

Coleman Folding Camping TableBut seriously, this Coleman folding table has lots of great features. In fact, this compact camping table gets used frequently in my house. That’s right, you can use it for more than just camping and tailgaters.

What’s interesting about this is that it is super cheap compared to other camping tables. The design makes it simple, basic and user-friendly. It’s nothing fancy, but if I may speak for both of us, we don’t need fancy, complicated gear when we are ready to grill and eat.

Of course, the folding table works well for camping, barbecues, road trips and football tailgaters. In addition, it also has come in handy a number of other times. It’s compact size makes the perfect kids’ table at a family event. For example, where you need additional seating (or the kids want to sit at their own table). Alternatively, you can use it as a small card table too.

This table sets up so easily that I find myself using it all the time. In fact, I even used it as a temporary desk for a while in my “home office”.

But let’s get back to using the Coleman folding camping table for camping and grilling…

Coleman Folding Table with Grill

Instantly Have More Cook Prep Area

First of all, if you have the RoadTrip Party Grill, the RoadTrip LXE or another table top bbq like the charcoal tabletop model, it can be nice to have an elevated surface to cook on. Many campgrounds and parking lots often don’t provide this amenity, so it’s handy to be able to pull out a table from the trunk of your car and set your grill on top of it.

The Coleman camping table, although compact, is large enough to fit a grill and then some. It gives you enough extra space to set plates, cooking utensils, a cutting board and your beer bottle, so you don’t feel like you are cramped on space.

Although it has a sturdy steel frame, it’s extremely (an conveniently) lightweight. It weighs under 10 lbs, which is really nice if you are hauling a bunch of other food, drinks and gear around.

Have an Extra Table When You Need It

Secondly, when the cooking is done, feel free to use the compact table as a… table. Yes, you can really do that. Unlike other camping kitchens, this surface is extremely versatile.

Eat on it, play games at it – or use it as a serving area. You can comfortably seat 4 people around it (but keep in mind that it is not as big as a standard picnic table, so don’t think you can pack a bunch of crap on top of it).

This Camping Table Takes Up Virtually No Storage Space

Third, when you’re ready to go home, you can disassemble this super amazing folding camping table in a couple of minutes, fold and roll it up and stick it in the back of your car. It’s so compact, you don’t have to worry about allowing extra space for it. In fact, at this price, it may be a good idea to get 2.

Get the Folding Table on Sale Here

Dimensions: Height: 27.5 Inches. Overall Width, Side to Side: 27.5 Inches.


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