RoadTrip Sport Grill Pros & Cons

Coleman RoadTrip Sport Grill, a great Friend to Take Camping

In Summary: The RoadTrip Sport Grill grill makes a great cooktop for small spaces like balconies or patios. In addition, you can fold up the Sport Grill and easily cary it to tailgaters, picnics, soccer games or the beach.

Of course, the RoadTrip Sport makes camping even better because it takes up minimal spaces and makes food taste amazing. There’s one drawback, though…

Warning! There are no attachable side tables for your beer. Proceed at your own risk…

Here’s What the RoadTrip Sport Grill has Going for It:

The RoadTrip Sport essentially costs less and is more compact than the more deluxe Roadtrip LXE model. However, even at the lower price, it still includes many attractive features:

  • It has a spacious 225-square-inch cooking surface, so you can cook for several people at once.
  • You can quickly and easily clean the grill because it has a porcelain coating.
  • The wheels make it easy to roll around and transport.
  • Transporting and storing the Sport is easy because it folds up and only weighs 26 lbs.

The RoadTrip Sport Weighs Less & Costs Less

Do you want a smaller, more compact grill? Are you looking to save some money? The Sport gives you a good deal without having to switch to a tabletop grill, like the Party Grill.

In addition, it weighs about 26 lbs (vs the 60 lbs of the LXE). That weight difference can make a big difference for some people, especially if you plan on transporting it frequently.

Although some people can’t do without the attached side tables, others really enjoy having less to carry around (even though they both have wheels).

RoadTrip Sport Grill at Soccer Game

Cooking and Food Prep Areas

The cooking area is not much smaller (225 square inches vs 285 square inches of the Roadtrip LXE). As I mentioned above, it’s still large enough to cook for a group of people (ie your family, friends at a tailgater, etc..)

RoadTrip Sport Grill with Attached Propane Gas Tank

However, the grill does not have attachable side tables. This feature is definitely convenient for setting food or utensils – or if nothing else, your beer! It may not matter if you have a picnic table nearby or the bed of pick up truck or something. Nonetheless, it’s something to keep in mind.

The RoadTrip Sport Has Your Small Patio in Mind…

Do you want an outdoor grill that you can set up right by your kitchen? Do you have a small balcony space that you don’t want to over-crowd?

The Sport will not intrude on your space. Even though you want to buy a grill to take camping or to tailgaters, you may discover that you’ll barbecue more at home too. Thinks ribs, skewers or teriyaki chicken. No need to order take-out!


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