Coleman Grill To Go… I Mean the “Fold-N-Go”

Coleman Grill to Go: the Fold-N-Go Grill

RoadTrip grills are perfect for tailgaters, picnics, camping and even backyard barbecues. You get to enjoy cooking and eating awesome grilled food without the hassle of a big, messy and awkward grill.

The Party Grill is a small version that can be quickly dis-assembled and transported in a bag. It has less cooking area, but if you don’t need it, why lug it around?

While not officially part of the RoadTrip family, the “Fold-N-Go” offers many of the same advantages. And it takes the compact grill to a whole new level.

Pros of the Coleman Grill to Go:

The key benefits of the Fold-N-Go are that it is smaller and cheaper. It is way easier to transport, and it takes significantly less space to store.

Size matters: Coleman Fold N Go GrillWhat you may not know is that because of its compact size, this BBQ cooks fast and flavorful. It features a dome-shaped lid that cooks very efficiently.

In fact, some people even prefer the flavor in their cooked meats to that of larger more expensive barbecues.

The Cons:

The main disadvantage is that this is a small grill compared to the RoadTrip LXE. Don’t try to cook for 8 people at one time. It’s just not happening.

The product packaging says that the Fold-N-Go cooks for 4-6 people, but I think that may be stretch unless you get creative – or your friends aren’t that hungry.

Who I Think It’s Best For:

This is definitely a Coleman grill to go if there ever was one. I think it’s probably the best cooking device for couples who have converted their vans into campers and live out of their vehicles. Seriously, this would be perfect.

The reason I say this (in addition to its compact size) is that the Fold-N-Go grill is very versatile too. It has a cast aluminum griddle and stove grate that you can purchase separately, so in addition to grilling steaks and dogs, you can fry eggs, flip pancakes, boil water, cook oatmeal and soap and more.

It’s also designed for easy clean up, with removable grill plate and grease pan. You can even throw them in the dishwasher it you happen to have one in the back of your car.

Check out this review from a surprised user:

Coleman Fold N Go Portable Grill



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